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Facts about Solar Energy

Solar energy has become one of the hottest fields of technology. This area has introduced new devices that have provided new sources of energy to power the modern world that are viable alternatives to fossil fuels and other standard energy sources. Despite their successes, many of these technologies are still in testing phases and whether they will arrive at being a replacement for existing energy sources is yet to be seen. A lot of rumors and arguments have been made for and against these technologies have arisen, so itís tough to understand whatís really going on with solar power and energy products. Here are a few basic facts about solar energy to help keep everything in perspective.

1. Solar energy is simply energy from the sun. There are many different technologies that take advantage of solar energy that are quite advanced, but anyone who has dried their clothes on a summer day knows the power of the sun. There are many technologies, including solar panels, that use the energy such as solar chemicals and heating cells, which absorb the energy to provide heat.

2. Solar power is renewable. This is a huge leap from fossil fuels, which have a limited amount. Solar energy is not as readily as accessible and requires more advanced technologies to derive the same amount of energy as other sources would provide.

3. Solar power is clean. Because the sun naturally shines on the earth and solar energy producers take advantage of this, there are no harmful by-products from the development of this energy like exhaust with coal and oil plants. Although, this should be tempered with the by-products of the industrial processes needed to produce the various parts of solar energy gathering machines.

4. Solar energy is a very common product used in calculators, garden lighting and other small devices. Homeowners can now enjoy many of the same benefits by powering their own home through installing a panel system on their roof or in their yard. These systems are wonderful at cutting electrical costs in the long run since the source of the energy to run the home is free. No one owns the sunís rays after all so thereís no one to pay.

5. Many technologies are still in development and though much of the basic groundwork has been laid, there still needs to be greater efficiency from the various technologies in order to become viable competitors to working sources of energy.