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High Efficiency Solar Panels

High efficiency solar panels are the wave of the future for an already innovative and advanced technology. Solar cells have allowed companies and now homeowners to access the free and renewable source of energy provided by the sun. Not only is this energy free to produce, it also have no emissions so it is environmentally friendly. Additionally, as it provides an alternative to fossil fuels, using it has an even greater impact on reducing carbon emissions and lowering the other negative effects of fossil fuels. For this reason many companies and homeowners have begun to use this type of energy to lower their costs and become more green in the process.

Solar panels use photovoltaic cells, which are sensitive to the different wavelengths of the sun’s light. When struck by light they produce electricity, which can be gathered to use for any application desired. Many different materials are photovoltaic and some solar cells can be produced in the home using various household materials. However, to be a fully effective resource of energy in the same manner that coal or oil is, the yield from these cells has to be very high.

Getting greater efficiency from solar cells has been the aim of many researchers and companies for years. The greatest area of research of the moment is towards allowing different wavelengths of light – ultraviolent and infrared, for example – to generate electricity in these cells. This is projected to greatly increase efficiency and allow cells the ability to generate electricity even during cloudy periods and other low direct light circumstances.

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