At no other time in our history has providing clean, inexpensive energy to the power grid and increasing awareness of the benefits of solar energy as a top renewable energy source gained more momentum. Renewable sources of energy are absolutely critical for us today, not only considering the rising costs of fossil fuels but for the preservation of our planet. As the manufacturer of light, durable solar electric products that generates more energy than any other solar panel on the planet, Unisolar continues to innovate the technology that will power the future of solar. The world’s largest producer of flexible solar panels, Unisolar boasts of a variety of solar products that encourage customers to transform unused space on the rooftop into a value-generating asset. Unisolar brand’s products are unique because of their flexibility, light weight as they are a third of the weight of competitors' products, ease of installation, durability, and top class efficiency. Unisolar is a growing member of the solar market and with more and more people jumping into the solar energy bandwagon, the company’s future only looks brighter.

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Address: 2956 Waterview Drive, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA
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Toll Free (USA): +1.800.528.0617
Email: info@uni-solar.com
UniSolar PVL 68T
Solar Panel UniSolar PVL 68T
  • “Peel & stick” adhesive backing
  • 68 watt laminate panel
  • Requires no support structures for installation
    Solar Panel UniSolar UNI-PAC 15
  • Foldable Flexible Panel
  • Tough, lightweight and easy to transport
  • Portable solar chargers
    Solar Panel UniSolar PVL 144
  • Quick-connect terminals
  • Bypass diodes for shadow tolerance
  • High power output/sq.ft. of solar array